More details on Microsoft Defender for Business (MDB)

18. November 2021 News, Products 0
More details on Microsoft Defender for Business (MDB)
Perhaps the biggest Microsoft product announcement this year for SMB customers was Microsoft Defender for Business, an Enterprise-grade endpoint security solution which is based on the wildly successful Microsoft Defender for Endpoint product. As previously noted on this blog, MDB will be included with Microsoft 365 Business Premium, which we consider to be the Gold ...

Announcing the Microsoft 365 SMB Data Protection Toolkit

01. November 2021 News, Products 1
Perhaps you have noticed that it has been quieter around here in the last couple of months. Usually silence is an indicator that I’ve been a busy bee, working on some other endeavors. Today I am happy to announce that one of my labors has finally come to fruition (I wanted to get this done ...

Multi-tenant management for Microsoft 365, and other things

03. September 2021 Technical 1
IT service providers are constantly looking for more efficiency, and better ways to manage their customers’ hardware and software assets. In the Microsoft realm, we finally have Microsoft 365 Lighthouse, which is now in public preview. Some of my MSP customers have raised question marks around its current feature set and long-term development. I think ...

The three opportunities for MSP’s moving forward

30. July 2021 Business, Opinion 5
The writing has been on the wall a while now; with a mass exodus to cloud services such as Microsoft 365 from traditional on-premises infrastructure, it was only a matter of time before those selling MSP services had to either evolve or die off. And with recent high-profile attacks against traditional MSP platforms like Kaseya, ...

Fast and Free Incident Response Tools in Microsoft 365

09. July 2021 Technical 4
Fast and Free Incident Response Tools in Microsoft 365
As part of the SquareOne Summer Security Series, our group recently explored the topic of Incident Response in Microsoft 365. This was a very well-received course, and I felt a blog post was in order to cover off on some of the important content from that segment, which I think everyone should have in their ...

Simple Sensitivity Label design for the SMB

11. June 2021 Technical 11
In the recent updates to the CIS Controls (v8), one of the most noticeable changes was the re-prioritization of Data Protection (now Control #3, up from #13 previously). This control calls out a number of safeguards: inventory of sensitive data and data classification is among them. Sensitivity labels can help an organization to solve for ...